Efficient & low cost social media management.

We take care of the content, interactions, responses, reputation and more.

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Low Cost Social Media Management

Pricing & Plans

Social Media Management

Small business owners already wear too many hats. Social Media Management isn’t one of them.

Consider us as your Digital Marketing agency. For less then $100 a month we will manage your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn account for you. Publishing engaging content that is relevant to your business.
• No Contracts
• No Hidden Fees
• Fully Transparent Pricing

Affordable Social Media Management: See your Growth

Our low cost social media management plans will grow as your business does. Simply start with your $95 Social Boost plan and watch how your social media presence impacts your business. Once satisfied with the incoming results, you can successively upgrade to a more specific plan designed to meet your business and online objectives.

Low Cost, Transparent Pricing for your social management plans.

All of our plans are clear and transparent. We have nothing to hide – you pay for what you order and we will guarantee satisfactory results. We have no long term contracts or hidden fees – what you see is what you get.

How can CodeTactic help me with my social media management?

CodeTactic is an specialist in managing small to medium business’s social media platforms. The right combination of proper, interesting content posting, back linking, engagement and more will make your brand show and stand out among all the activity on the web.

We bring you low cost social media management plans that bring you new customers.

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