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Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services are a process. We build long standing relationships with our clients while taking on the challenge of making their brand known in the online space.

What We Do.

Monthly Growth.

Every account under our SEO in Vancouver plans shows growth on a monthly basis. It’s a monthly process, but growth is steady.


Every month we give a detailed report of the way your keywords positioning is improving in Google.


Upon request you can view the traffic you are getting. Learn where your visitors are coming from, what are they looking for, their behavior and more.

Customer Service.

Our team at CodeTactic will be available to support your site at any time. Please contact us at any time if anything is needed on your site.

A Process.

Every marketing campaign is a process. No commitment is necessary but relevant results are not achieve intermediately.

Social Media.

Every site comes with social media integrated in the form of quick and visible links, buttons, and call to actions.

Cancel Anytime.

Since no contracts are signed you are free to cancel the plan with one month notice at any time.

Proven Record.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their online presence goals with our SEO & Digital Marketing services.

Digital Marketing Services: Some of Our Work
“Classroom Management Software”
Mythware Technologies | 1st Page of Google USA
“Alternative to Lanschool”
Planet TechEd Inc. | 1st Page of Google USA
“Yelp Reviews Management”
“Google Reviews Management”
Digital Marketing Services FAQ’s

Can you specifically target SEO in Vancouver?

Yes. Our SEO Vancouver specific plans are structured to target your demographics, specifically. We target Google Canada which is the first point of entry and then every content related to SEO targets Vancouver as the first keyword accompanying your primary keyword. i.e (Indian Restaurant Vancouver)

How does your process work?

1. We understand your goals
2. Perform the research necessary to come up with the best keywords that will accomplish those goals
3. Get a report of where you are at the time of starting the plan with us
4. We get to work creating organic content, optimizing your site and every month you receive a report of our work and your growth.

Can we cancel the plan at any point?

Yes, absolutely. We do not sign contracts locking you up monthly so you can cancel your plan at any point if needed.

Full Digital Marketing Services Plan

Are you interested in a full fledge plan for your company including many of our digital marketing services?

The best way to tackle the online space is to do the work, no way around that. Your competitors are not only doing SEO services, they are doing social media marketing, community engagement, reputation, and more. All while having a website design that absolutely wows visitors and lets them know you are different and better. Organic content created by our team as well as providing a campaign strategy will guarantee a better ranking on search engine platforms.

Our Digital Marketing Services HQ's

119 – 418 East Kent Ave S, Vancouver BC
(604) 620-0046 Option 1

All Around Digital Marketing Services Agency
Complete Digital Marketing Services

CodeTactic has decades of experience with digital marketing services, offering a complete package for your entire online footprint. Our digital marketing services such as SEO services, social media marketing, reputation, community engagement, and more will cover every strategy for the massive exposure your brand needs and can achieve with us.

“Alternative to Lanschool”
Planet TechEd Inc. | 1st Page of Google USA
SEO Vancouver: “Indian Restaurant Vancouver”
India Bistro | 1st Page of Google Canada
SEO, Reputation, Social and More
Local Digital Marketing Services

CodeTactic is proud to offer the best digital marketing services for SEO, social media and more

Our digital marketing services pricing monthly plans are designed to help any small business completely outrank online competitor websites within Vancouver’s Google search engine or your entire market and create the biggest possible exposure.

SEO is extremely important, we help you create organic content to build your website, help improve your platform to be optimized, with a long-term strategy that will have long lasting results.

Try our digital marketing services today!

Internet Marketing: Digital Marketing Services
Best Digital Marketing Services in Vancouver

Our process starts with understanding where you are in present time in terms of positioning online.

All our digital marketing services plans will be designed based on your industry and keyword’s competition in your local market, a strategic approach through social media, improving your reputation and more.

Once we understand your current situation we start creating content specifically to improve your Google’s placement, targeting your most relevant keywords as well as showing your visitors relevant, researched content.

“Classroom Management Software”
Mythware Technologies | 1st Page of Google USA
“Alkaline Water Vancouver”
Element H2O | 1st Page of Google Canada – Vancouver Maps
Vancouver Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services Vancouver Clients

Your local market is perhaps the first and most important demographics that you will try to reach.

Whatever location you are, it does influence Google in determining the results in the Map section and what it shows first.

Our digital marketing plans for Vancouver are action oriented and our content will target exactly the market you need to reach first.

What else should you know about digital marketing?

"It has been a very pleasant experience working with Gonzalo and his team. They are very personable and they helped me make a very polished, appealing and a professional website. Great communication and were able to understand all my business needs. They were able to listen and interpret our requirements accurately and the job was completed in timely manner. I would highly recommend them."

Testimony Art Studio Web Design Vancouver

Preeti Dhillon
Neighborhood Art Studios

"CodeTactic helped our company rebrand and create a personalized website for our specific needs. They are very professional and quality of work is as requested. Gonzalo in particular has gone above and beyond to ensure our website functioned the way we liked. They have definitely been able to help our company grow. Overall great company, quick response and great quality work. Highly recommend!"

testimonial los angeles web design

Marlene Zuniga
Phresh Waters | Los Angeles, USA

CodeTactic Team