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The Platform Front-End
High-End Web Design For Restaurants

We have been working with different restaurants and food related bussinesses for over 10 years. We understand what a food and restaurant web design and development project requires and CodeTactic has a team of web developers and designers ready to provide the platform you need for your business.

Food and restaurant web design Vancouver will allow your business to grow online and reach new audiences. Provide your clients with the best experience online and offline with the right platform.

Restaurant Reservation System

We have had clients that needed to have an "all in one" type of system. One that allows the clients to register their reservations and help the employees check the availability for walk-ins as well. Having it all within the platfrom helped the business stay in track of their customers and provide better service.

In order to achieve that, our food and restaurant web design team had to implement a custom form with clear details of the customers to generate the reservation and a user-friendly back-end for employers to be able to check the reservations in real time.

The Platform Front-End

Online Ordering For Restaurants

With the pandemic, this industry has had to evolve and upgrade to be able to service to their clientele. An ordering feature is a must when it comes to restaurant web design.

We added a clear call to action for the clients to have easy access to the delivery service. Slice of Chicago was one of the clients that wanted to provide this clear feature and easy process for clients to make an order. With just a few clicks.

Restaurant Online Ordering System

Restaurant Web Design & E-Commerce

The online ordering e-commerce platform allows for the menu to be showcased and ordered with easiness and no figuring out needed.

Food and restaurant web design must be done thinking on the end user. Keeping the design engaging, clear and easy to navigate. The web development process should also be meant to provide the best experience with few clicks.

CodeTactic Team