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Online Reputation Management

Our world relies more & more on social opinions & reviews to help make purchasing decisions. It is now vital for businesses of all sizes to understand the impact that people have, in a positive way, to a business or a brand. We not only help businesses monitor what’s being discussed in relation to their products & services but also guide their response to negative sentiments whether they are comments, reviews, articles etc.

Social Media MonitoringWe are your eyes and ears, over a huge landscape of conversations and whenever, wherever a conversation is happening, we are tuned into it. Through listening, we learn what people are are discussing about a brand or about the competition? When people are conversing about your business, what are their pain points? Why are they talking about the product or quality of customer service?

Sustaining your business reputation online is not an option. Reputation Management on Social Media means getting engaged – talking to people, responding their queries and understanding their point of view. The only way to reduce negative conversations around your brand is by making positive contribution. We make sense of these discussions and formulate a strategy and execute a well thought out plan that meets your business objectives. Contact us today, and see how our reputation management strategies can make a difference

All Industries.

Monthly Growth.

Every account under our SEO plans shows growth on a monthly basis. It’s a monthly process, but growth is steady.


Every month we give a detailed report of the way your keywords positioning is improving in Google.

No Contracts.

We don’t ask for contracts to be signed. Our work speaks for itself. The process is month to month.

6 Months.

If your site cannot be in the front page of Google within 6 months, we will let you know before starting the project.

No Commitment.

Since no contracts are signed you are free to cancel the plan with one month notice at any time.


Through-out your SEO plan, you will be able to communicate at any time with your dedicated account manager.

Site Optimization.

All of our plans include improving your website’s back-end for SEO optimization. This is done in the first month.

Proven Record.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their online presence goals with our SEO & Digital Marketing plans.

CodeTactic Team