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It started with just the HTML page. Since the beginning of the Internet and the race between the search engines – SEO was a complex science understood by very few. Today, SEO is a loosely used term to reference a traditional method of harvesting consumers via online search. The fact is, many site administrators continue to use legacy SEO tactics in pursuit of the almighty ranking. Google Panda and Penguin brought significant change to the SEO table; it was only a matter of time before Google’s search developers found a way to sharpen their search engines. Their thinking was to take a question and look at the context rather than seeing the words as separate entities. What does this mean for us?
Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

The biggest and most significant update Google has tackled in years wasn’t an update at all — it was a massive algorithm overhaul. This was a big game changer in the world of SEO. According to Google, a Hummingbird is smarter than your average Panda. You need to know the latest changes in search technology and how mobile and social content plays a role in search optimization. The latest Google Hummingbird algorithm integrates SEO with many social and mobile scores. Today, a well-rounded SEO strategy requires many different shifting components coming together. Optimizing code, content, keyword density, anchor text linking – these are just a few of the items that need to be considered in a well-executed SEO plan. Certain things have still remained constant:

1. Content is still king – Always has been, always will
2. Fresh content – regularly changing less than 4% per googlebot cycle
3. Legitimate back links that are earned using proper SEO are still important
4. Signals that worked before will continue to garner results
5. Keywords density shifts will need to be used in moderation (less dense than previous)
6. The only thing that is really going to change in a meaningful way that’s noticeable is the way Google’s new algorithm interprets the way we search.

SEO is a constantly moving target, and you need to be in the know. The new search algorithm takes more than just your webpage keywords and meta data. Mobile site compatibility, facebook, twitter, blog, YouTube and Google+ are all now part of your SEO DNA. You now need to optimize page code, provide fresh content on a regular intervals, optimizing online media, and also better manage your social accounts.

CodeTactic has the experience to deliver optimal SEO services to achieve your organizations objectives. For more details on how our SEO services can benefit your organization, contact us.

CodeTactic Team