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Social Media Management

Getting it right.

It doesn’t begin and end on Facebook! Social Media Management (SMM) is a combination of precisely crafted mixes of online content, media, SMO, SEO, ORM and lots of other vital 3 letter acronyms. Getting the right mix requires a comprehensive understanding of your brand and your targeted audience.

Social media management is about content and users. Facebook has over a billion users. Twitter, almost 600 million. What does this mean to you? Absolutely nothing, if you don’t see opportunity. Today, the decision to buy a product or service is no longer dependent on TV, print or any other traditional “one-way” media. The decision is made based on what people say, through word of mouth conversations. The truth of the matter is – consumers now have a say in what your brand means to them. and a lot of people are spending a lot of time online. A good social media management strategy enables you to participate in these discussions – positioning your brand in the forefront. We help brands connect with their consumers with a proven SMO strategy.

SEO and social media management go hand in hand. SEO is often looked upon as a conventional way of optimizing landing pages for specific keywords, in hopes that Google will favorably rank them. The reality is that SEO is constantly changing. The latest Google algorithm (Hummingbird) integrates SEO with many Social Media aspects. They have also lowered the keyword density requirement. Today, a well-rounded SEO strategy requires many different shifting components coming together all at the right time. Optimizing code, content, keyword density, anchor text linking – these are just a few of the items that need to be considered in a well-executed SEO plan. Our experience enables us to bring you to the front of the pack on all search engines.

  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Online Reputation Management.

As a brand you are in a relationship with your consumers. Earlier that relationship used to be 9AM to 5PM, Monday thru Friday. Now it has changed to 24 x 7 global. Essentially, this means that if a consumer is saying something about your brand on a social platform, forum or blog, you must respond. Social media management involves talking to people, responding their queries and understanding their point of view. The only way to reduce negative dialogue around your brand is by making positive contributions. You can no longer “stick your head in the sand”, when a negative comment is made. Consider us as your social media management team, we can help better assess your online reputation situation and be your brand’s advocate.

CodeTactic Team