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Capital Markets


EcoDivaNomi - Social Media Management and Marketing for Facebook and Twitter
ParadiseFound - Social Media Management and Marketing for Facebook and Twitter
The owner of Capital Markets reached to us in order to implement a new strategy for their social media platforms. Their goal was to reach a larger audience about the environment, climate change, and different initiatives revolving the planet and its preservation as well as connect with more people interested in Yoga and relax related content.
What We Did
We started researching for news and articles for these topics: climate change, environment, initiatives, yoga, health, etc. Relevant content but also interesting content help the followers click on the links and make people aware of the situation we are currently living with our daily lives.
We made a plan for the content that was released, planning more of “good, hopeful and helpful” positive news but also posting about the consequences of our daily actions.
The Challenge.

Studying other social media pages, we were able to asses the strategy behind reaching a larger and new audience for these specific topics. It also allowed us to search for interesting, yet very important content that involves our everyday actions.

Our social media management strategy with this project became a constant search for informational content that will interest people of all ages and will engage with them so that they take the information in consideration for their environmental uses as well as health-related matter.

Applying our strategy

Content strategy - We planned the content that was being released to be more thoughtful.

Promoting initiatives - We promote initiatives for different movements that help biodiversity, environmental change, wild animal preservation, etc.

Yoga retreats and their own website is also promoted through posts.

For Twitter: We promoted content for daily posts and make constant questions to the audience to promote engagement.

For Facebook: Promotion through timeline pictures, new daily content, and campaigns for different initiatives.

EcoDiva Nomi
EcoDiva Nomi
Paradise Found
Paradise Found
The outcome

Getting more people interested in the environment, climate change and promoting health through these social media accounts that can help make changes to the planet we are living in as well as individual improvements for every follower.

New followers are now more aware of the current situation because of our daily posting and we have seen major changes in the engagement for the social media accounts. Twitter and Facebook are now the channels for new and constant awareness.

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