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Cravings Restaurant

And Sports Bar

Cravings Restaurant and Sports bar - Social Media Management and Marketing for Facebook and Instagram
Owners of “Cravings Restaurant and Sports Bar” reached us in order to improve their social media presence in the most used platforms - Facebook and Instagram.
What We Did
We wanted to make “Cravings” an accessible and friendly sports bar, targeting new clients for them to enjoy different sports while having a good time with food and drinks. We planned a social media marketing strategy for daily original and brand new content that shows more what “Cravings” is all about.
Our approach consisted in: content, ads, direct interaction with followers, and more. Creating new approachable content that triggers the clients to comment/follow the page for more content, promos, and events.
The Challenge.

After assessing and studying their main competitors and their customers, it becomes clear that we needed to take the social media strategy to the next level. Posts were made prior Codetactic getting the account but lack the consistency in order to properly promote and get the response they were looking for.

Posting new and original content every day with an engagement strategy in order to connect with followers and promote the specials or events they have. This way we maximize followers and reach new audiences.

With this competitive industry, the biggest challenge was to create original and brand new content that appeals to the client/follower for them to start considering “Cravings” as their go-to sports bar.

a Plain eStrategy

Content creation - We change the style of the content to be more friendly and clear.

Promos & Events - We created new campaigns for different events or promos that are available throughout the month.  

For Instagram: We created brand new content for daily posts promotion and Highlighted stories in order to provide information about specials and promos for every new client.

For Facebook: Promotion through timeline pictures, brand new content and campaigns especially for events like “Comedy At Cravings”  that bring larger audiences.

Visual & UX

We have seen major results with the new strategy posting. Getting more clients into the bar has been our main goal, getting more followers and likes on our social media pages have also had major growth in the last few months.

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