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H2O Inc.

Water Company E-Commerce Web Development
Element H2O is a Vancouver based company that distributes water to all of the lower mainland area, offering on-site recurring delivery and multiple types of water to choose from. The company needed a platform that would allow customers to order right from the site in an easy and intuitive way.
What We Did
Strategy, UX research, concepts, messaging hierarchy, web design (IA, IxD, design, UX/UI design, prototyping, animation), TOV, content definition.
The Challenge.

The platform not only had to look great but highly functional for user experience where customers can go step by step, ultimately finding themselves going to checkout ordering their water seamlessly and pain free. Along with a back-end for Element H2O to manage their orders, customers, and content.

dynamic space
Online Store

The team at Element H2O wanted to create a user-frienly interface that will showcase their products. With an ecommerce online store to allow their clients to make their orders, customize their schedules and much more!

element h2o development

E-Commerce & Design

Users can visit the site and go through the easy and intuitive ordering process. First, choose the type of water, second you choose the frequency of delivery in which you will want the water, third you choose if you’d like any dispenser with it and finally getting to seeing your order in a quick overview before going to final secured checkout.


Point of Sale System

Element H2O needed a simple system to help customers at the shop. A point of sale system that in turn has integration with their online ordering so customers get integrated while an order is being made in the front-end at the shop, or at the back-end.

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