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K & S Therapeutic

Services Inc.

K&S Therapeutic Services inc.
Kands Therapy is a USA based company dedicated in providing exceptional, relatable, culturally inclusive mental health services that foster healthy lives and relationships.
What We Did
Strategy, Design, Development, WordPress
The Challenge.

The team at K&S Therapy are focused on providing relatable, culturally inclusive mental health services. After dedicating time and efforts in helping people of all ages, they wanted to implement an online platform that would showcase their services, allow clients to contact and reach them easily, as well as learning how to start with their mental health.

Responsive Design

More than 70% of online searches are done through smartphone or mobile devices. Adjusting the design and interface to make sure all information is properly shown was a must. We were to create an engaging website design and a responsive design that allows every client to easily contact, get information, and more. All through the mobile device.

iPhone Teamsters


The K&S Therapy team wanted to be able to promote their services and allow customers to get to know their team, the specialties and all the help they can provide through their online platform. CodeTactic created the structure and development in order to provide K&S Therapy exactly what they needed.

engaging design
Interactive & Informative

Being able to showcase their services and information while using any mobile device was one of the main requirements of the K&S Therapy. An engaging and responsive design allowed the team at CodeTactic to meet all of our client's need.

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