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Paired Club
The team at Paired Club wanted to have a  WordPress WooCommerce website with user/subscriber management, social integration, outreach mechanism, SEO planning, LiveChat integration, referral engine, “wine aroma” widget, affiliate management, and much more.
What We Did
UX/UI Design and Prototype for preview, Custom developement - Subscription feature, social media integration, quiz, product listing and much more.
The Challenge.

The goal was to create a platform designed for wine enthusiasts of all levels that allowed users to personalize their wine experience as a basis on their wine selection process. In addition to all the personalized features, accessing a large selection of wines available locally that match one’s own wine and food pairing experiences

The Paired Club team wanted to facilitate the decision making process for consumers and to proceed with confidence. Viewing ratings, check reviews from previous users with similar profiles, check prices, and much more. In addition, provide the opportunity for local businesses to market their products, using the database for consumer profiling and location-targeted marketing.

Business Requirements

The team at Paired Club were clear that they wanted to create a sales and marketing portal for wine enthusiasts. The premier local wine and food pairing destination, providing consumers with in-home dining experiences. 

  • Build significant subscriber base for Paired Club
  • Accomodate their variety of products.
  • Position as local wine and food pairing experts
  • Personalization process for every customer
iPhone Teamsters
full set of functionallity
Custom Quiz

Paired Club is a WordPress based platform. Every detail and functionallity was created by the CodeTactic team of WordPress Developers. The quiz feature was developed to provide the customer with further recommendations for wine based on their tasting notes. This provide personalized recommendations for the clients to make decisions based on their preferences.

Personalized Bundles

This custom feature is meant to provide wine suggestions to the customers based on their personal tasting preferences from the quiz. With this feature, customers can create their personalized bundle of 2, 4 or 6 pack and receive discounts from the list price.
In addition, there are other 2 bundles available for customers to choose from as well.

Wordpress custom development
full set of functionallity
Products and Details

Paired Club wanted to showcase their products with a detailed view. To showcase the products, details like wine type, wine country of origin, review rating, detailed pictures, useful tips and uses, etc.

jquery logo
wordpress development
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