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Custom wordpress development

Saje &


Saje & Vine - Custom design and development using WordPress
Saje & Vine is a Vancouver based team of food and wine enthusiasts delivering the best charcuterie in the area.
What We Did
Web Design / WordPress Development / Ordering System
The Challenge.

The Saje & Vine team wanted to create an engaging platform that showcases their amazing products and skills with a friendly ordering and checkout system. Allowing clients to select their products, customize an order or gifts, and go through the check-out process with ease were crucial for their platform.

Business Requirements

The Saje & Wine team wanted to show case their charcuterie products, their DIY service and gifts with an easy-to-use platform.

  • Engaging and responsive design with an elegant concept.
  • Accomodate their variety of services and custom product details.
  • A friendly ordering and checkout process with clear view of your products.
  • A DIY page to allow customers to prepare their charcuterie board.
iPhone Teamsters
SV responsive design and development
Saje and vine responsive views
full set of functionallity
Ordering and Checkout

Saje & Vine is a WordPress based application. Every detail and functionallity was created by the CodeTactic team of WordPress Developers. The ordering and checkout system was crucial for the team at Saje & Vine and we were able to implement every detail requested, creating a custom checkput process.. From customizable orders to payment methods available.

wordpress custom ordering
DIY and Custom Gifts

The Saje and Vine team wanted to provide a Do It Yourself section to allow customers to put together an elegant charcuterie board with their favorite items. Their custom Gifts are charcuterie-themed boxes that can come with your corporate logo or event theme as well as personal add-ons of your preference.

what we did
Best Tech for the Best Results

The custom created solution was based on WordPress, a responsive and engaging platform that provided all custom requests from the Saje and Vine team.

  • Custom ordering process - Custom item selection and product details.
  • DIY section with full functionallity for personalized orders.
  • Full menu with product detail descriptions
  • Custom Checkout process - Personalized checkout system that complies with their design and payments methods.
Wordpress custom development
jquery logo
woocommerce logo
wordpress development
global payments logo
wordpress development display - saje and vine project
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