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Trainers Linked
Trainers linked platform is meant to help trainers everywhere to expand their clientele based on location and needs.
What We Did
Strategy, UX research, concepts, web development (IA, IxD, design, UX/UI design, prototyping, animation), Map View, Review system.
The Challenge.

Trainers Linked is a platform specially designed for trainers everywhere to be able to have much bigger options for new clientele. It was a priority to implement a register system for trainers as well as people looking for a trainer in their location, map view of the trainers available in your area, review system, and much more. Creating a community because at the end of the day; people is here to make healthier life choices

Business Requierments

Trainers Linked is designed to be a channel of communication between trainers and clients.

  • An engaging platform using videos and images that showcase the fitness industry.
  • A registration system for:
    Trainers that are able to upload their info and media, location, and more as well as clients that can register their information, save trainers of their preference and be able to register reviews
  • Map view: The need to provide a user friendly map that shows with clear points the trainers that are near you, their profiles, type of training, prices, etc.
iPhone Teamsters

Engaging Map View

One of the most important features for the Trainers Linked team was to implement a map view that would help clients see the trainers available in their area, their profiles, the price range, their information and type of training. This was meant to facilitate the process for users to find the trainers they need while staying close to their location. Our WordPress developers where able to customize as needed.

Registration System

A custom made registration system that can provide all the fields for both, trainers and users to enroll in their way to fitness. CodeTactic wanted to provide the client with the best web development and design to showcase the features and accessibility for the client.

  • Trainers: One of the main features needed was to allow trainers everywhere to register their information, photos, training videos, etc. as well as scheduling their times available in order to showcase their work and expand their clientele.
  • Users: Allowing users to register their information, a real-time map with the trainers available at your area, price ranges, information about the trainer as well as read reviews and leave them for other users. Saving the trainers you would like to contact again and many more details.
wordpress development
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