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Be on the Front Page of SEO Vancouver’s Google.

No contracts. Monthly Growth.
Above all → Lasting results.

SEO Vancouver
Best Affordable SEO Vancouver

Our local Vancouver SEO team has over 25 years of experience in SEO Vancouver services, offering the most affordable SEO in Vancouver, along with the best long lasting organic SEO results.

“Indian Restaurant Vancouver”
India Bistro | 1st Page of Google Canada
First Page Of Google Search Results
Local Affordable SEO Vancouver

CodeTactic is proud to offer the best low cost services for SEO Vancouver. Our affordable SEO pricing monthly plans are designed to help any small business completely outrank online competitor websites within Vancouver’s Google search engine or your entire market.

SEO services Vancouver are extremely important, allowing your homepage to be in the first page of Google search results will ensure your success, exposing your brand and content to thousands of new users that look for your keyword or keyphrase looking for a business like yours.

Try our low cost SEO services Vancouver today.

SEO Internet Marketing
Best Affordable SEO in Vancouver

Our process starts with understanding where you are in present time in terms of positioning online. Our affordable SEO in Vancouver plans will be designed based on your industry and keyword’s competition in your local market.

Once we understand your current situation we start creating content specifically for your affordable SEO in Vancouver plan, targeting your most relevant keywords as well as showing your visitors relevant, researched content.

“Classroom Management Software”
Mythware Technologies | 1st Page of Google USA
“Alkaline Water Vancouver”
Element H2O | 1st Page of Google Canada – Vancouver Maps
Local Affordable SEO
Affordable SEO in Vancouver Company

Your local market is perhaps the first and most important demographics that you will try to reach.

Whatever location you are, it does influence Google in determining the results in the Map section and what it shows first.

Our affordable SEO Vancouver plans are action oriented and our content will target exactly the market you need to reach first.

SEO Vancouver FAQ’s
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Can you specifically target SEO in Vancouver?

Yes. Our plans for SEO services Vancouver specifically are structured to target your demographics, specifically. We target Google Canada which is the first point of entry and then every content related to SEO targets Vancouver as the first keyword accompanying your primary keyword. i.e (Indian Restaurant Vancouver)

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How does your process work?

1. We understand your goals
2. Perform the research necessary to come up with the best keywords that will accomplish those goals
3. Get a report of where you are at the time of starting the plan with us
4. We get to work creating content, optimizing your site and every month you receive a report of our work and your growth.

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Can we cancel the plan at any point?

es, absolutely. We do not sign contracts locking you up monthly so you can cancel your plan at any point if needed.

Seo Vancouver

The SEO Vancouver based space competitive but approachable. Each keyword can be carefully crafted so that it targets your specific location and demographics. From the moment we analyze which keywords to use, Canada > Vancouver is used to find out the statistics towards your specific demographics.

CodeTactic SEO Vancouver HQ's

119 – 418 East Kent Ave S, Vancouver BC
(604) 620-0046 Option 1

All Industries.

Monthly Growth.

Every account under our SEO plans shows growth on a monthly basis. It’s a monthly process, but growth is steady.


Every month we give a detailed report of the way your keywords positioning is improving in Google.

No Contracts.

We don’t ask for contracts to be signed. Our work speaks for itself. The process is month to month.

6 Months.

If your site cannot be in the front page of Google within 6 months, we will let you know before starting the project.

No Commitment.

Since no contracts are signed you are free to cancel the plan with one month notice at any time.


Through-out your SEO plan, you will be able to communicate at any time with your dedicated account manager.

Site Optimization.

All of our plans include improving your website’s back-end for SEO optimization. This is done in the first month.

Proven Record.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their online presence goals with our SEO & Digital Marketing plans.

CodeTactic Team