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Web Design Vancouver.




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Web Design Vancouver.

Elegant. Clean. Modern. Functional.
Above all → Client’s Satisfaction.

Restaurants need a great design to attract customers and a great online ordering system to accept orders right from their website. CodeTactic takes care of it all and we have a lot of experience doing web design Vancouver based restaurants. From clients going through your menu to getting orders and deliveries online, we help with it all.

We've Got You Covered.
Everything You Need
For Your Perfect Website

Our CodeTactic team handles it all. Concept, design, programming and publishing. Making sure every step of the way to create the best you can get.

Vancouver Web Design
Vancouver online store design
Section No. 2
All You Need For Your Online Store

Selling online doesn’t have to take your valuable time. CodeTactic will develop a high end, elegant and modern E-commerce web design Vancouver store for your website.

Build the next Craigslist.
Buy & Sell Community

Have an idea or a business that requires a buy and sell platform? We’ve got you covered. Allow users to buy and sell from their own dashboard. Whether it's a mobile app or a website, we can make it happen for you.

Everything You Need in Real Estate
Offer Your Listings & Property Finding

Offer your visitor a simple, pain-free experience by allowing them to filter properties in your listing with a custom search engine. We can also integrate your site with your MLS listing.

We've Got You Covered.
Everything You Need
To Sell Digital Products

We have experience with clients in the Information Technology industry, IT providers, software development companies; Quotation systems for selling licensing, digital products, and more. We have the experience to create the platform and/or system you need. We are a software development company Vancouver with over 10 years of experience.

Vancouver rental design
Build the next AirB&B
Offer Rental Properties. All Inclusive.

Have properties for rent? This type of site is perfect for you. Offer and manage your listings from an easy to use dashboard, while accepting payments from your customers. The perfect web design Vancouver solution for you with us.

We've Got You Covered.
Subscribers, Members & Exclusive Content.

Whether is a non-profit with memberships offers, an app development project, or a site that offers subscriptions, we got you covered.

We've Got You Covered.
Everything You Need
For Your Perfect Website
Web Design Vancouver Look
High-End Web Design Vancouver

There are several options for web design Vancouver based companies or even online platforms that allow you to create your own website. However, with a web design vancouver team like CodeTactic, you will have the best experience and the best results for your online platform.

It all comes down to the true value that you put on your brand’s digital footprint and your online presence and whether you are willing to compromise and get any website.

CodeTactic offers the best modern, elegant and high-converting web design Vancouver based services as well as web development. You will realize that the value of having a true good website for your business is much higher than you think.

Always Prioritizing Your Goals
Web Design Vancouver Clients

CodeTactic is proud to offer the best web design Vancouver services. Our web design process is meant to help any small business or enterprises completely meet their goals with an elegant, modern, clean and easy to use web design that converts visitors into customers for you.

Having a professional web design Vancouver and web development Vancouver based company means counting with an extended technology arm in your organization. Available to assist throughout the process when needed, offering the best customer service possible.

Start your web design Vancouver project today.

Web Design Vancouver
Local Web Design in Vancouver

As a web design Vancouver based company, CodeTactic Media Inc. focuses on offering the best and all-inclusive services that include web design, user interface design, wordpress development and all along prioritizing our client’s ultimate goals.

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Web Design Vancouver Based
Web Design Vancouver Team

Our CodeTactic web design Vancouver team consists of a group of experienced professionals in all fields needed to come up with the best possible web design project for your organization.

We take deadlines very seriously, so we get to work when we start a project. Starting with your account manager creating your profile in our project management tool, while the user interface team designs, the development team gets to code and once implemented, we work to get feedback and get the best possible end product for you.

Whether you choose to go with WordPress website design or any other CMS of your choice, the team CodeTactic is ready to help every step of the way.

All Included.

Seo Optimized.

Every site comes SEO optimized. Indexed to Google & major search engines. Every page has proper meta titles, URLs, tagging, etc. Check out our SEO in Vancouver services.

Social Media.

Every site comes with social media integrated in the form of quick and visible links, buttons, and call to actions. Check out our social media management plans.

Self Management.

Starting with our Small Business package, your site will be completely self-manageable. You can edit text, images, content, etc.

Customer Service.

Our team at CodeTactic will be available to support your site at any time. Please contact us at any time if anything is needed on your site.

Hosting Included.

Using our secured, reliable & scalable servers there’s no need for you to worry about infrastructure or security issues with your site.

Map & Locations

Every site comes with at least one map location integrated into the site. Any address will be integrated with a Google Maps API.

Mobile Ready

Every site we do is implemented with responsive design. Your site will work seamlessly in every smartphone, tablet and desktop.


Upon request you can view the traffic you are getting. Learn where your visitors are coming from, what are they looking for, their behavior and more.

Deadlines Met.

We take deadlines very seriously. Our web design Vancouver services are always within a timeline and we stick to it.


Our Vancouver based account managers will help you every step of the way and be available throughout the project. Contact us today!

Goals First.

Your company’s goals are our goals with your project. Our web design Vancouver based team works only to meet them.

Proven Record.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their online presence goals with our web design Vancouver services.

"It has been a very pleasant experience working with Gonzalo and his team. They are very personable and they helped me make a very polished, appealing and a professional website. Great communication and were able to understand all my business needs. They were able to listen and interpret our requirements accurately and the job was completed in timely manner. I would highly recommend them."

Testimony Art Studio Web Design Vancouver

Preeti Dhillon
Neighborhood Art Studios

"CodeTactic helped our company rebrand and create a personalized website for our specific needs. They are very professional and quality of work is as requested. Gonzalo in particular has gone above and beyond to ensure our website functioned the way we liked. They have definitely been able to help our company grow. Overall great company, quick response and great quality work. Highly recommend!"

testimonial los angeles web design

Marlene Zuniga
Phresh Waters | Los Angeles, USA

Our Work.

CodeTactic Team